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What to Ask at Wedding Vendor Interviews

An aerial view of a bridal bouquet of white and orange flowers and greenery.

A baker frosting a wedding cake.

The process of selecting wedding vendors can be a bit overwhelming, as there are seemingly so many to line up. From your florist to your photographer to your entertainment and everything in between, not only are you making a ton of decisions, but you’re also committing to spending a great deal of money on these carefully selected vendors. To help make the interview and selection process easier, you should ensure you’re asking all the right questions to make the most educated decisions.

General Questions to Ask all Vendors

There are a few questions you should discuss with all vendors you interview.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

You’ll want to have a solid understanding what the cancellation policy is in case plans change or an external factor makes it impossible to have your wedding as planned. You don’t want to lose your deposit or additional money that you paid upfront to your vendors.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Check in on the way you’ll be paying these vendors and if they offer payment plans that will work with your current financial situation and income. You’ll want to have things like this worked out ahead of time instead of being surprised after signing a contract.

Do You Have the Correct Licenses and Insurance?

Different vendors need different liability insurance and some even need licenses (for example, to serve food). Make sure they have these items and that they can provide proof of them.

What Makes You Love Working in the Wedding Industry?

While this question may seem corny, you want to get a glimpse of your vendor’s motivation and personalities. After all, you’ll be sharing one of the most important days of your life with them!

Florist Questions

An aerial view of a bridal bouquet of white and orange flowers and greenery.

Bridal bouquet

There’s a lot more to flowers than you may think, so ask all the right questions!

Is There a Set-Up/Clean-Up Fee?

Check to see if your florist will be setting up and cleaning up your flowers, candles, and other arrangements in the beginning and end of the day. If not, will you be responsible for any pick-ups or drop-offs of vases and other reusable materials?

When Will My Arrangements Be Made?

You’ll want to know how far before your actual event your arrangements will be created so that you can understand how fresh they’ll be for your wedding.

Can You Preserve My Bouquet?

Having your wedding bouquet preserved is a nice extra and something brides frequently forget about, so it’s a good question to ask upfront.

Photographer Questions

A photographer taking a picture of a bride and groom standing in a field.

Wedding photographer

The photographers are a big part of your day, and you’ll spend quite a bit of time with them on one of the biggest days of your life. You want to feel confident in who you hire for this large responsibility!

Can We See an Entire Album from One Event?

Asking to see an entire album from one real life event is a good way to get a sense of the photography style as well as what the coverage looks like from the start of a wedding to its end.

How and When Will we Receive Our Photos?

You’ll definitely want to know how long it’ll take to get your photos and the method of receiving them. Will they be posted online or sent to you electronically? What about ordering prints? What is the editing process?

What About a “Sneak Peak”?

Many photographers these days provide clients with a “sneak peak” of wedding photos shortly after the actual event. Ask whether this is included, how many photos it includes, and when you can expect it.

Are You Familiar With the Venue?

If you’ve already selected your venue, you’ll want to know if the photographers you’re interviewing are familiar with the space. This will be important in how easy it is for them to style your shoots, find the perfect spot, and work with other vendors at the site.

Do You Have Back-Up Plans in Place?

What about if there’s inclement weather and you planned to have all your photos outside? What if there are equipment malfunctions or they’re sick? Be sure to get the full picture so that you know exactly what will happen in case of something unexpected.

Entertainment Questions

Guitar player at wedding reception

Your wedding entertainment can really make or break your event, so ensure you’re asking all the right questions before you make your selection.

What Will You Wear to Our Event?

Make sure they will fit the vibe of your event and look professional!

What Are Your Set-up Needs?

How much space and electrical power does the band or DJ need for set-up? You’ll need to run this by your venue to ensure they can accommodate and have everything ready on the day of.

Will You Be Taking Breaks?

It’s good to know whether your band or DJ will be taking breaks throughout the night and what will be played for music during those times. You don’t want any awkward pauses during your wedding, so be sure to get a clear answer on this.

What Is the Music Selection Process Like?

You may want to see how involved (or not involved) you can be with the music selection for your big day. Can you provide a “no play list”? Can you dictate all the songs and who can make requests?

Can We Hear You Anywhere Ahead of Time?

It’s helpful to know if you can see your band or DJ perform anywhere leading up to your big day to get a true sense of what you can expect from them. If there aren’t opportunities for live performance attendance, ask for a website or YouTube account that features their work.

Caterer Questions

Chef in his food truck for a wedding reception

If your venue doesn’t provide catering, there are an abundance of questions you may need to ask.

How Many Events Do You Cater in a Day?

You’ll want to know how they’ll prioritize your event on the day of (and whether you’ll need to compete for attention!). If they cater multiple events in one day, check in about their staffing and their contingency plans in case several employees are unexpectedly unable to complete their shifts.

How Much Control Do I Have Over the Menu?

You’ll definitely want to know how much say you have in what’s served. While this should seem like something you’ll have maximum control over, some catering companies have rigid menus and little room for adjustments. You’ll also want to know if you can request a themed menu and what options they have to accommodate food allergies and intolerances.

What About the Staff?

Definitely don’t forget to check on how many staff members and servers will be present on your big day to ensure there will be an adequate number of people serving you and your guests. You’ll also want to know what the servers will be wearing to ensure it fits the vibe of your wedding.

Having a clear list of questions to ask going into these interviews will make it much easier to make the most of these conversations and make confident vendor selections.

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