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What to Ask at a Wedding Venue Tour

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A wedding venue decorated with an arch and flower petals.

A wedding venue decorated with an arch and flower petals.

Touring wedding venues is such a fun part of the engagement process, but it’s one that can also feel filled with pressure. This is arguably one of the largest decisions you’ll make surrounding your wedding—and one of the largest parts of your budget. When on these tours, you may be so overwhelmed with nerves and excitement that you may forget what to ask. Keep this guide on hand as you tour venues to ensure you don’t miss any important questions!

General Questions to Ask

There are a number of general questions to get answers on at every venue tour.

What Dates is the Venue Available?

You’ll want to know up front if the venue is available for any dates that are feasible and desirable to you for your event.

How Many Events are Held Here Per Day?

Will you need to share your venue on the big day? This is something worth knowing to understand the level of attention you’ll receive on the big day if others have an event there as well.

How Many Guests Does This Venue Accommodate?

You’ll definitely want to know whether or not the space is big enough to accommodate your guest list. Also inquire about the minimum number of guests they’d recommend for the space, particularly if you’re having a smaller wedding. You don’t want the space to feel too overwhelming.

What Packages Do You Offer?

Get an idea for what packages the venues offer and what the pricing is for each. Also ask what fees and taxes are included in the price and what will be charged separately so that there are no surprises.

How Long Will We Have the Space?

Check when you will get the room or space to begin set-up and when you need to be out of it to understand what the timeline of your event would be like at this venue.

Set-Up Questions to Ask

A table set for a wedding reception outdoors.

A table set for a wedding reception outdoors.

The set-up of your day is important to a seamless orchestration for your wedding. Make sure to get the full picture on this subject during a venue tour.

What’s Included for Set-up?

You’ll want to know what the venue provides: chairs, tables, linens, and so on. This will give you a good idea as to how many rentals you’ll need to enlist in, which come at an added cost.

Can we Use Real Candles?

Believe it or not, many venues do not allow for the use of real candles as it is considered a fire hazard. Ask this at your tour if this is something important to you.

How Many People Do the Tables Seat?

This may seem like a minute detail, but it’s actually pretty important. You’ll want to get a somewhat accurate guess of how many tables you’d need to have at each venue to accommodate your guests. This will help you get a more accurate quote from your florist, as you’ll need to approximate how many centerpieces you’ll need.

Can I See Examples of the Room Layout?

Many times, when you go on a tour the area isn’t set up how it would be for a wedding. Ask for examples of how it’s set up and to see photos of real life weddings held there. You can also ask if you’re able to come back one day and see it set up in real life for a wedding.

Food and Drink Questions

Food at a wedding table

A big part of your event is food and drink, so get the full low-down!

Is There In-House Catering?

You’ll want to know if you’re going to be using the venue’s caterers or sourcing your own. Also inquire about the different formats of serving (plated, buffet, stations) and ask if you’ll be able to do a tasting prior to choosing your menu.

How Are Dietary Restrictions Handled?

You’ll want to know how the venue handles meals for those with special dietary needs, like those who are vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

How Many Wait Staff and Bartenders Will There Be?

It’s important to understand how your event will be staffed from a serving standpoint, particularly so there’s not a long line at the bar or lag between tables being served. Also check if there is a flat rate per server and bartender that will be added to your contract.

Entertainment Questions

Dancing at a wedding in Galveston

You’ll surely want to have the entertainment of your choice at your event, so be sure to ask about these guidelines at each venue you visit.

Are There any Entertainment Restrictions?

There could be limited space, ruling out the 15 piece band or noise ordinances that dictate what time entertainment has to finish, so be sure to find this important information out.

How Many People Does the Dance Floor Hold?

Make sure the space for you and guests to get their groove on isn’t too big or too small.

What Sound System Equipment Is Provided?

Do they have microphones? What is the electrical source situation for a band or DJ to use?

Payment Questions

You’ll definitely want to know what the payment situation is if you commit to this venue.

When Are Payments Due?

You’ll want to get a clear timeline on payments, from the deposit amount and due date in relation to your event down to the final headcount and payment date. Also check if they have payment plan options and what methods of payment they accept.

What’s the Cancellation Policy?

You want to protect yourself in the event of an unexpected issue, so be sure to get the details on their cancellation policy and what kind of refunds you’d receive.

This may seem like quite a few questions to ask in one meeting, but they’re all important to cover, so do your best to get the answers you need on every venue visit. These will surely help you make the best possible decision on your wedding venue.

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