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Chef Mary Bass – Catering

Chef Mary Bass of Galveston, TX
Chef Mary Bass of Galveston, Texas

Today’s version of “Vendor Visits” is with Chef Mary Bass, a longtime Galveston catering service offering both food delivery and pickup service! Chef Mary has been featured in magazines and news outlets including Texas Highways Magazine, Great Day Houston, Fox 26 News, The Houston Press, and Galveston Daily News and Coast Magazine. In 2016, Chef Mary finished runner up on Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, she was not just the enchilada – she was the WHOLE enchilada! Chef Mary Bass is on our Vendor List so we wanted to feature her in our blog today!

Q: What services and products do you offer and why are you the BEST?

Hello My name is Chef Mary Bass, I am a private chef, caterer and micro event space owner in Galveston Texas. My Kitchen, La Cocina by Chef Mary Bass is at 1508 39th St, Galveston, TX 77550. We offer private dinners in our dining room as well as pick up meals to go from Wednesday to Friday 12-6 pm and Saturday from 9-1pm. We also offer delivery of dinner to your home from a set menu Wednesday to Friday. You can find all your options on

We have been large event caterers for more than 15 years specializing in weddings and corporate events. We work with clients of all types, tastes and budgets to ensure that the food portion of their event is low stress and delicious. 

Q: Where are you located and what precautions are you taking during this pandemic time?

Being a 5th generation Galvestonian, it was important to me to have my business on the island. My kitchen is located at 1508 39th St, Galveston, TX 77550. Food service has always had the strictest protocols for sanitation and safety. We practice a heightened version of that when we prepare food to make sure that it is safe for all of our guests. 

Q: Can you offer a word of cheer that encourages everyone to be patient and look for better and safer times ahead!

During times of crisis you always find the helpers, the ones who continue to make their community a better place. You can be one of those people as well. You’ve seen the quote “we are all in this together” but to be honest, the only way we can get through this is together. Take time to turn off the news and get active in whatever you are passionate about from puppies to the elderly. There is always a way to stay safe and help out.

Chef Mary Bass

Galveston food delivery and pickup service by Chef Mary Bass