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The Pros and Cons of a Short Engagement

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For most couples, the minute she says, “Yes!” they begin thinking about the process of wedding planning. While some prefer to be engaged for months or even years, others may want to keep their engagement on the short side. The average engagement lasts about 13 months, but that doesn’t mean many brides and grooms don’t opt to keep this special time in their lives to mere months before they make it official and tie the knot. There are a host of upsides to a short engagement as well as some cons to consider as you decide between the two.

The Pros of a Short Engagement

There are many good things about a short engagement that you’ll likely want to take into consideration as you work to set a wedding date.

Less Stress, More Focus

A short engagement allows you to hone in on what’s important to you when it comes to your wedding. With less time to hem and haw over decisions big and small—from the venue and photographer to the flowers and favors—you’ll be able to clearly decipher how you feel and pick what’s best for you. This is a major pro as a long engagement for many couples leads to second-guessing decisions or quite a bit of indecisiveness.

You Get to the Fun Part Sooner

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The most exciting part of tying the knot is the fact that at the end of it, you get to be married to your best friend! A short engagement allows you to get to that “end game” sooner, which is definitely something to think about if you don’t want to wait and wait to call your fiancé your spouse. Chop out the waiting time and start the rest of your life sooner—you won’t regret it!

You Won’t Suffer from Wedding Burn Out

Let’s face it: planning a wedding can be downright stressful! (Not to mention all the questions and opinions that can be annoying from friends and family about your big day.) Cut down on all of that nonsense by having a short engagement. It will diminish the time allowed for questions and unsolicited advice, and for you to get just plain sick of planning. A short engagement keeps it fun and exciting throughout the entire journey!

You May Avoid Spending too Much

The longer your engagement, the more chances there are too add items onto your wedding. From photo booths to additional day-of stationery, all of these little touches that you add on as time passes can really add up. Having a short engagement minimizes the time for you to add more costly items onto your wedding day, which results in a larger bill when it’s all said and done. Plus, you likely won’t miss those little (pricey) items if you don’t even have the chance to think of them and pine after them.

The Cons of a Short Engagement

As mentioned, there are also cons associated with a short engagement that you’ll want to think through before committing to the idea.

Less Time to Save

A short engagement definitely permits less time to save up if you’re paying for your wedding in your own. These events can be quite costly, so before committing to a short engagement, ensure you’re going to be financially equipped to pay for the event in the allotted time.

A Shorter Attendee List

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While some may see this as a bit of a pro, it could also be a downside to a short engagement. With less notice, people on your guest list may not be able to make your event. Whether this is due to scheduling or financial constraints, it’s bound to happen in this situation.

Fewer Vendor Options

If you’re going with a short engagement, one major drawback is that you may have fewer options when it comes to available vendors on dates that you’re considering for your event. This could include anything from a venue to entertainment to a photographer. If you have your heart set on a particular location or a certain vendor, you may not be able to work it out with a short engagement.

Less Time to DIY

If you’re uber crafty or wanted to partake in a wealth of DIY projects for your wedding day, a short engagement may not be for you. These projects take time and planning, which a short engagement doesn’t always allow for. Being able to DIY touches for your big day is certainly special, so if this is important to you, it’s something to think about.
Like everything else, short engagements have their ups and downs. While they work well for some couples, they prove to be more troublesome for others. It all comes down to your preference and what’s important to you for your big day, so this list definitely gives you something to think about.

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