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Should You Hire a Wedding Planner? A Guide by Bridal Personality Type

A bride talking to her wedding planner at the reception.

The idea of having a wedding planner to make every vision of your wedding come to life is a tempting one. This is especially true in the beginning days of an engagement, when all the choices and steps in the planning process likely seem a bit overwhelming. However, wedding planners do not come “one size fits all” and not every bride actually needs one to achieve her dream wedding. In fact, some brides may be better off without one, for a myriad of reasons! Learn more below about the need for a wedding planner based on your bridal personality to know whether or not hiring one is the right choice for you and your big day.

Bridal Personality Type 1: The Extremely Detailed Bride

A wedding ceremony area set up with white chairs decorated with pink cloth and greenery.

For a bride who’s interested in making every detail about her day special, it may actually be a bit of a waste to hire a planner. A bride focused on details may tend to be a bit of a micro manager, wanting to oversee everything and reluctant to relinquish control. She’ll have strong opinions and visions for her day and is likely eager and excited about the planning process, making her highly motivated to get things done on her own.

All of these factors combined mean that this bridal personality will genuinely enjoy planning her own wedding from start to finish. Even more than that, she might struggle to get the most out of her wedding planner, having a hard time giving up tasks that a wedding planner would typically carry out. Brides who are heavily detailed and excited about the idea of planning their big day should bask in the process. If this is you, save money by not hiring a wedding planner and put it towards a different aspect of the wedding.

Bridal Personality Type 2: The Reluctant Bride

There are some brides who aren’t as gung-ho about the idea of planning a wedding. These gals may be questioning whether or not they should skip the traditional wedding and elope. Whether this bride is not good with details, struggles when it comes to decision making, or isn’t super creative in coming up with her wedding day vision, this personality type is the ideal candidate to hire a wedding planner. A planner can take almost everything off her plate, alleviating much of the planning responsibility and allowing her the luxury of enjoying her engagement and looking forward to walking down the aisle without the stress.

Bridal Personality Type 3: The Timid Bride

Although some brides are quite outspoken, there are also those who are more quiet by nature. These more timid ladies may have a hard time communicating their wants, needs, and expectations to wedding vendors. They may also struggle to ask an abundance of questions during the planning process. For this reason, it’s a good idea for timid brides to hire a planner to advocate for their wants and needs. A shy bride should find a planner she feels comfortable with and can develop a positive relationship with. The right wedding planner will be a valuable resource for this personality type.

Bridal Personality Type 4: The Creative Bride

A wedding venue decorated with vintage doors, lanterns, and streamers.

A creative bride who has a wide range of ideas may be so excited to make her visions come to life that she believes she doesn’t need a wedding planner. This can go one of two ways and it all depends on how organized the bride is. If this bride has a cohesive idea of how she wants her day to look (albeit including creative ideas that all fit together) she may be able to forget the idea of hiring a wedding planner and pull it together herself. However, if this bride is more of a free spirit or has a wide range of ideas that don’t necessarily fit together, she may want to go with a planner after all. A wedding planner will be able to pick and choose which ideas go best together to ensure a cohesive event.

Bridal Personality Type 5: The Conscientious Bride

A bride who is incredibly conscientious about factors such as her wedding budget may opt to not have a planner. These brides typically participate in a lot of DIY projects for their wedding, plan smaller and more intimate weddings, and don’t have a heavy focus on the details of their day. Not only do wedding planners cut into the budget, but they also are best suited for brides who are looking to include a wealth of added touches and details for their big day. Those conscientious of their budget may want to spend the money that would be allocated towards a planner elsewhere.

Wedding planners are a wonderful resource when it comes to planning a wedding, but remember that they aren’t necessarily right for every bride.

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