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How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

A bride planning her wedding during the coronavirus pandemic

A bride planning her wedding during the coronavirus pandemic

Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but add a pandemic into the mix and things can really get overwhelming. With the uncertainty of when things will go back to “normal” amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, it can definitely be tough to wrap your head around how to plan a wedding during this time. Rest easy, though, because there are some fool-proof tactics for any engaged couple to take that make planning during the pandemic feasible and, dare we say, enjoyable!

Choose Your Wedding Date Carefully

A wedding reception with a sign pointing to the cocktail hour and ceremony locations.

With the uncertainty surrounding coronavirus and the timeline as to when quarantine will slow and be eradicated, it’s important to carefully choose a wedding date. You’ll want to select a date that is far enough out to not be affected by COVID-19 (hopefully) while not pushing it further than you may be comfortable with. At this point, some may say it’s safest to aim for a date at the end of 2020 or even in the year 2021, so that you’ll have a better choice of venues with desirable availability and with reasonable distance from the virus outbreak.

Schedule Virtual Vendor Conversations

You may feel as though being stuck in your house while social distancing means that you can’t do much on the wedding planning front, since it’s impossible to meet with vendors face-to-face right now. However, thanks to technology, you can still connect with vendors and start confidently booking them. Set up virtual conversations with them via phone or video chat. This way, you can meet “face-to-face” and get a good idea of who your potential vendors are without leaving your house. Booking major vendors like a photographer, florist, and entertainers will be a weight off your shoulders in the wedding planning process. Also, avoiding a delay in choosing these vendors will mean that you have a better chance of getting your top choices for your preferred wedding date.

Research Wedding Dress Styles and Shops

A rack of wedding dresses against a white wall.

There are several wedding planning tasks that are tough to do from your home—such as purchasing a wedding gown. However, you can do quite a bit of research on this topic from your computer, which will make dress shopping an easier experience once the quarantine period has passed. Start by creating a Pinterest board featuring wedding dresses that catch your eye so you can pinpoint specific styles you’re interested in trying. (You can even make this board “secret” on the platform so that you’re the only one who can view it.) From there, research dress shops in your area and make any appointments you can to visit a few months out. Be sure to research what brands the stores carry and look at as much of their stock as you can online to ensure you get the most out of every bridal salon you visit. From there, you’ll have a solid grasp on what to do once the time to dress shop comes around, putting you that much closer to finding your dream gown.

Read Online Reviews for Wedding Vendors

Another potentially tough consequence about not being able to visit your wedding venue and meet vendors in person on their turf is that you may feel like you haven’t seen or learned enough about them to make a solid decision. Thankfully, the web can further assist in this in the form of online reviews. There are so many websites, including social media, that allow you to locate specific vendors and read about the experiences of others to get unbiased accounts of the vendors you’re considering. Many of these reviews are accompanied by photos so that you can see the work of these vendors in a more raw way than what may be on their own curated websites.

Decide on Details

A wedding reception table decorate with rose gold accents and greenery.

From the confines of your home, start drilling down on the details of your wedding. Choose a color palette, select wedding favors, get ideas for flowers, and begin the quest for your perfect invitation suite. These are all tasks that can be easily done and decided on remotely, making the quarantine period the perfect time to get these items squared away.

Set and Manage Expectations Correctly

Remember that at this time, you’re not going to be able to get everything done, and the things you can accomplish might not be in the way you originally envisioned before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Set your expectations for this and be patient throughout the process during this uncertain and somewhat anxiety-inducing time.

Turn a stressful situation into one of productivity by following these steps to successfully plan a future wedding amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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