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How to Keep Calm on Your Wedding Day

Relax on your wedding day by planning ahead

The months leading up to the wedding are undoubtedly stressful. There’s so much to do and so little time. So when the big day comes, it only makes sense that your stress level will peak. You’ve worked so hard, you’ve waited so long—now, things have to be perfect. But, this shouldn’t be the case! Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life. If anything, you should feel like a weight’s been lifted off of your shoulders. You’ve made it!

Of course, we’re all human and not all of us can keep calm and carry on, especially during such a major event. The good news is there are many ways to ease the stress of the big day. Whether you expect to be nervous or not, these tips will help you breeze through any wedding-related anxiety and assure you enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

Preparation Is Everything

Reducing stress on your wedding day starts with being prepared and the 24 hours before the big day are especially important. Whatever you can do to declutter and/or streamline your wedding day schedule, you should. For example, if you’re doing your makeup yourself, lay out all the products you’ll need and have them ready to go before you actually sit down to do your makeup.

It’s also a good idea to stay as organized as possible. Confirm plans with all vendors a week and even a few days before the wedding, and keep their contact info on hand for the actual day. You can download a wedding planning app to your phone with a separate address book for all wedding-related contacts to keep them separate from your usual phone book.

Plan Every Detail

Having a day-of schedule is always recommended. Knowing your plan of action and what to expect at every hours will ease your anxiety. You should put every little thing on your agenda, no matter how small it is. Yes, this means penciling in a champagne toast with your bridesmaids before you change into your dress.

In addition, leave some room for error. For example, if you think your hair and makeup will take two hours, mark it as a three-hour event. That way, if someone is late or anything goes wrong, you’ll have enough time to make alternative arrangements.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Get a good night sleep before your wedding

You’ll stress less if you’re well-rested<, so call it an early night and do something relaxing the night before your wedding. Avoid alcohol and caffeine close to the evening, as these can disrupt sleep.

Stay Fed and Hydrated

Avoid alcohol and caffeine close to the evening to keep you well rested

Make sure to have breakfast, even a light one, when you wake up on the morning of your big day. In addition, stay hydrated and keep some light snacks around to maintain your blood sugar throughout the day. You want to feel 100% both in mind and body.

Break a Sweat

Exercise and yoga are great for reducing stress

A quick workout or even a walk on the morning of your wedding day will not only ease your stress, but give you a boost of energy and an endorphin rush. It’ll also give you a moment to sort out all the thoughts in your head. Even if it means waking up an hour early, incorporating some exercise into your schedule will be worth it.

Prepare for the Worst

Without overwhelming yourself with worst-case scenarios, try to brainstorm all thing things that could go wrong on your wedding day. For example, what if you tear your dress? What if your MUA goes MIA? What if there’s serious traffic?

Then, come up with a plan B (and maybe a plan C) for what you can do if worse comes to worst. Again, this goes back to the importance of being prepared. If you know what to expect, you won’t panic from the shock should it actually happen and you’ll know exactly what to do. Not to mention that if things do go downhill, you’ll come out looking like a total bridechilla and score lots of extra points with your squad.

Learn to Relax

Mindfulness is very important when it comes to stressful situations. You should clearly recognize when there’s a need to panic and when there isn’t. In most cases, no matter what gets screwed up, there’s no reason to act like it’s the end of the world.

It can help to have a go-to destress method ready. Perhaps you can watch a few funny videos on YouTube, have your favorite ice cream on standby, or just take a loop around the block. Breathing exercises or meditation can help as well. If you’re not familiar with any, try downloading an app such as Calm to guide you through some basics.

Hire Some Help

If you know you’re going to be ridden with anxiety on your wedding day, it doesn’t hurt to hire a day-of coordinator. Alternatively, assign the duties to one of your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or trusted family member. Having someone else in charge of all the details allows you to take your mind off any unnecessary stressors. Keep in mind that if you do ask a friend or family member to help, make sure to compensate them with an extra special gift, as it can be a hectic job.

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Enjoy your wedding day

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