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How to Host a Virtual Bachelorette Party

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With so many wedding-related events being postponed or even canceled during the COVID-19 quarantine, it leaves a lot of brides with a cancelled bachelorette party. Although these may not be able to be enjoyed the way they were originally envisioned, it’s still possible to throw a soirée while socially distancing. Here’s how to throw your favorite bride-to-be a virtual bachelorette party that everyone will enjoy and that she’ll be sure to remember forever.

Step One: Nail Down the Logistics

The first step is to pick a date and time that works for the women involved and, of course, the bride-to-be. You’ll also want to figure out how you’re going to host it as far as the technological platform goes. Zoom is a good option as it’s easy to use and many people are already using it for work purposes, anyway.

Step Two: Send an Evite or Email

The next step is to let all the attendees know about the plans. Send an Evite or an email with the information detailing when the event will be and how everyone should join in on the party. Be sure to mention if it happens to be a surprise for the bride so that no one accidentally or unknowingly spills the beans. You may also want to follow up with a calendar invitation so that no one books over this specific time.

Step Three: Plan Surprises for the Bride-to-Be

Cookies for a bachelorette party decorated as diamond rings.

You may want to enlist in the help of some of the other attendees or bridesmaids to plan some fun surprises for the bride to get her excited for the big event. There are many ways to surprise the guest of honor for the big day. Consider dropping off a gift basket at her house filled with fun items like a sash to wear that says, “bride-to-be”, a bottle of wine or champagne, a fun cup and straws, and lingerie.

You could also include cards or special messages from each bridesmaid or bachelorette attendee in the basket for something sentimental. Another great way to surprise the bride-to-be is to have a delicious dinner sent over to her house before, after, or during the party. (This is also a great way to support a small business during this time!) These items can all be gifts from everyone attending the event, so you could all split the cost.

Step Four: Choose Games and Activities

What’s a bachelorette party without games and activities? You’ll want to plan these out ahead of time so that everything is ready to go during the party. You can either go the route of more traditional bachelorette games or you can go with more general activities. As far as bachelorette games go, consider polling the groom beforehand with a bunch of questions that he needs to answer about his bride. For instance, ask what celebrity she’d most love to meet, where her dream vacation would be, what her favorite color is, and what movie she could re-watch 100 times. Ask the bride the same questions during the party to see how on-point he was with his responses.

If you’re looking to go more of the general game route, consider using sites like Jackbox, which is easy to use and fun for all participants. You could also create a personalized “bachelorette” bingo to enjoy as a group.

Step Five: Decorate

You’ll want to get some decor going for the bachelorette party, even though it’s not in-person. You may want to decide on a theme and ask all the participants to decorate their space to match, which will give the event a more festive feel! To ramp up the vibe more, you can ask everyone to dress in-theme, such as a glam pajama party or a Breakfast at Tiffany’s dress code. You can also have everyone download fun virtual backgrounds that fit into your theme rather than having everyone put up physical decorations.

Step Six: Party (From a Social Distance)!

The last step is to kick back, relax, and have a great (virtual) time with the group and the bride-to-be! This will be an unforgettable gesture that the bride will look back on fondly, no matter how stressful the quarantine has been for her, so make the best of it!

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