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How to Host a Safe and Healthy Wedding Post-Coronavirus

A wedding guest wearing a face mask as he signs the guest book.

A bride holding a face mask to signify a wedding in covid-19.

After living through a worldwide pandemic, things certainly look different, particularly in the scope of planning a big event like a wedding. One of the main concerns now surrounds keeping yourself and guests healthy and safe, whereas before that was not on the forefront of your mind while making arrangements. Luckily, there are many different ways to safely plan a wedding that is healthy amidst the concerns surrounding COVID-19.

Consider Guidance from the CDC

The CDC has put out current guidelines and considerations surrounding hosting events (as of June 15, 2020). They note that the fewer people in attendance, the lower they consider the risk of spreading COVID-19. The CDC also cites that it’s important to take into consideration the location of your event, as the case levels in your surrounding area dictate how many people can safely gather.

Communicate Expectations with Guests Beforehand

A wedding guest wearing a face mask as he signs the guest book.

Leading up to your wedding, you have a few different opportunities to communicate with your guests. Namely, your invitations and wedding website act as convenient and effective methods of spreading messages. Be sure to include on your invitation that guests who do not feel well or have had a fever in the 14 days prior to your event should stay home. With this in mind, you’ll need to be flexible regarding your guest count leading up to the big day. This is something you should discuss with your venue and vendors like caterers to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Also relay to guests that you understand if they choose not to attend because of the the risks regarding COVID-19. Everyone has different comfort levels and health situations, so it’s important to alert guests that you understand if they have any hesitancy when it comes to large gatherings. You may also want to note on your wedding website how many guests you’ll be expecting and note what efforts you’re taking to keep your event safe in order to ease any fears.

Consider the Use of Face Coverings

While it may not be how you envisioned your guests showing up to your wedding, you may want to request that people wear or bring face coverings to your event so that everyone can stay as safe and healthy as possible. While it’s not vital for individuals to wear these the entire time they’re at your wedding, at least having the option of wearing them is helpful. This is particularly true during things like your ceremony, where it may be harder to safely social distance. (You could even have some personalized face coverings available for your guests or as favors!)

Consider Social Distancing

Where possible, ensure that guests are at least six feet apart from each other during your event. Help encourage this by having a large dance floor, placing tables further apart, and having ample space at your venue for people to distance themselves. If you can host all or any of your event outside, this also helps to prevent germs from spreading from person to person.

Make it Easy to Handwash and Disinfect

Use sanitzers at your wedding and reception

Frequent hand washing helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. While it’s impossible to install more sinks at your venue, you can have hand sanitizer dispensers or baskets of individual wipes or disinfectant spaced around your wedding. Make sure to have these around any communal areas that will be touched, like door handles.

Use Signs to Remind Guests of Proper Precautions

Include signage at your wedding that encourages people to social distance where possible and to wear face coverings. Also remind people to use disinfectant and to wash their hands often. Every reminder helps, so have these throughout your event in various locations to keep the prospect of these measures on everyone’s minds.

Limit Communal Areas

While it may be tempting to have a photo booth or a buffet dinner at your wedding, these might not be the wisest choices when it comes to weddings in a post-coronavirus world. Try to limit items or areas that will be continuously touched or breathed upon by different guests to keep people healthy.

These efforts are simple enough and will make a difference in keeping your guests (and yourself) happy, healthy, and safe.

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