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Groomswear Trends for 2020

For far too long it’s been the brides who have all the attention on their wedding day—at least when it comes to looks. Now, it seems like things have changed a bit. Grooms want in on the action, too! More men are paying attention to their wedding wardrobe and following the latest trends. It looks like 2020 will be about many of the same trends you’ve seen the last few years, but on a much more grander scale. The overall vibe is modern, with a nostalgic nod to classical styles. This year, there is no harm done by making a statement.

While it might still be viewed as taboo to outshine the bride, there’s no reason why you can’t have your share of attention. Most importantly, it’s important to complement her look in the best way possible. Your groomsmen can take a tip or two, as well. And if you’re having a same-sex wedding, you’ll definitely want to check out some of the ideas on how to stand out and shine in 2020.

Rich Colors

Of course, the classic dark suit and tux will never go out of style, but more grooms and groomsmen are shying away from the boring black and blue combos. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to wear a bright patterned suit, but do consider a more modern yet timeless alternative. In 2020, it’s expected that rich jewel tones such as emerald green and burgundy will be all the rage. Any shade of green or red seems to be quite popular as well. Too shy? Why not at least opt for a colored jacket with black or other neutral-colored pants. During the summer, white, tan, and light grey suits are also in vogue.

More Eyes on You

If you’re intent on having all eyes on you, you can also look for a textured jacket, ideally in a touchable material such as velvet or tweed. Velvet is perfect for a fall or winter wedding, while tweed is ideal for a countryside or outdoor setting. When it comes to patterns, checks and plaid looks are expected to continue to be a hit. Depending on the color combination and size of the print, plaid can look both quirky and classic. However, unless it’s your thing, be careful with strong fabrics or patterns as they can look costume-like if done all over. In this case, it might be better to mix and match a bit.


Double-breasted jackets are making a comeback this year although, to be fair, this classic look will always be in fashion and can be very slimming. As an alternative, you can also opt for a double-breasted waistcoat instead. If you match your outfit to your groomsmen, having a double-breasted style is one way to clearly distinguish yourself from the rest of the party.

Statement Pieces

Accessories are also at the center of focus this year, with men loving fashionable footwear, Bond-worthy watches, and other “extra” pieces. Accessories are a great way to take a boring look to the next level. They’re also great for grabbing attention without overdoing it. Even if an eye-catching suit isn’t right for you, there’s no reason why you can’t add a pop of color elsewhere. For example, pick out a bright bow tie or glitzy cuff links. You can even change your shoelaces to match!

High Waisted Trousers

Anything high waisted can be slimming and elongating if worn correctly. Not only do high waisted pants lengthen your legs, but they can make you look visually taller. High waisted pants are also a bit more comfortable than other styles as they don’t bind around your stomach. Pair them with suspenders (never a belt) and a waistcoat to complete the look.

The Perfect Fit

Tailored and slim-fitting suits are the new standard. It makes sense since no groom wants to look like they borrowed their dad’s suit on their special day. But this may be a challenge if you rent an outfit, which is why many grooms are now splurging on a quality suit for their wedding day. A quality tailored suit can be a great investment, as you’ll likely use it again and again for future occasions.


Your groomsmen can also help you look your best. Of course, it helps if they dress the part. And now, a charming new trend among grooms is to have a female groomsmaid or few among the rest of the squad. Mixed-gender wedding parties are very much normal now, and this one will help you stand out. For things to look intentionally chic, the groomsmaid should wear a similar (yet feminized) suit as the rest of the groomsmen.

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