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A Guide to Outdoor Wedding Rentals

An outdoor wedding lounge setup

Any wedding with a portion of the event outdoors requires additional planning that a completely indoor wedding does not demand. One of the planning aspects that needs some thought is what types of rental items you need to acquire for the outdoor activities. Rentals are a great way to take your outdoor wedding to the next level and to make the space more functional. Below is a guide to the different options you can choose from to create a beautiful wedding with all the items you need to keep guests happy and comfortable outside.

Ceremony Chairs

Rental chairs for outdoor wedding

While some venues will provide ceremony chairs for an outdoor ceremony, make sure to communicate with your venue about their offerings. Decipher whether they provide chairs, what they look like, and how many of them there will be. From there, you can figure out whether or not you need to rent chairs for your ceremony. You should also decide whether or not you want to rent any chair covers for ceremony chairs as an added touch.

Cocktail Hour Rentals

An outdoor cocktail hour requires several rental items to make this part of your wedding memorable. For instance, tallboy tables are a great way to allow guests somewhere to hang out and rest their drinks as they mingle. You may also want to rent linens for these tables, such as tablecloths that can elevate the style of your cocktail hour. Additional chairs may need to be rented for guests to kick back and relax. Also, consider renting lanterns to place on tables or on the lawn to add an element of decor and additional lighting to this part of your big day.

Lounge Furniture

An outdoor wedding lounge setup

A popular wedding rental at the moment is lounge furniture. Love seats, upholstered chairs, or even actual sofas give guests somewhere fun to sit and take a load off and are stylish pieces to have at your cocktail hour or reception. Consider having a love seat for you and your new spouse to use at your head table instead of traditional chairs for an added touch.

Reception Chairs

Some types of chair rentals that are hot for wedding receptions are chiavari chairs in gold or silver, or acrylic chairs. If you’re going for a more modern look to your wedding, choose acrylic chairs which are clean-looking and trendy. If you’re more into a classic look, chiavari chairs are for you.


A bride and groom kissing at their sweetheart table.

We mentioned linen rentals above, but it goes further than just cocktail hour tablecloths. Tablecloths, chair covers, or napkins in bold colors and patterns or shimmery fabric are a great way to make a statement at your outdoor wedding, bringing your decor to the next level. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find the right linens to suit your wedding tastes.


One of the most important rentals at many outdoor weddings is a tent to have the reception under. These are a great insurance policy to have in case of bad weather, preventing your event from having a serious damper on it. While tents can definitely be a large expense for an outdoor wedding, they’re well worth it. When you reserve yours, you’ll likely have to put down a deposit to secure it in advance of your wedding.


A wedding reception arch decorated with flowers and lights.

There are so many lighting options to consider for your outdoor wedding when it comes to rentals. These are important, as you want there to be adequate lighting into the night so that your guests can easily navigate the space. Consider string lights, lanterns that sit on tables or the ground, or hanging lanterns. You can go as luxe as you want for this, and lighting can really change the mood and look of your outdoor event.

Heat Sources

Especially if you’re getting married at a time of year where there could potentially be cold weather, consider renting heat lamps or fire pits to help keep your guests warm throughout the entirety of the event.

There are so many different rentals to consider when you are planning an outdoor wedding, but they can make all the difference in the look and feel of your celebration, so they’re worth the planning investment.