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9 Sustainable Wedding Favors

A table at a wedding decorated with food, candles, and a lace tablecloth.

In today’s world, “going green” is a huge movement. Studies reveal that consumers—particularly Millennials—feel so passionate about sustainability that they’re willing to shell out more money for items that are good for the planet, and weddings certainly don’t escape that movement. Choosing sustainable wedding favors is an easy way to make your wedding more “green.” Luckily, there are a wide range of options that are not only special for guests to receive, but also check the box of sustainability.

1. Homemade Soaps

All-natural products are growing in popularity. Treat your guests to luxury by gifting them mini natural soaps. You can DIY these on your own if you’re feeling ambitious, or there are many vendors that sell natural soaps in large quantities. Consider soaps made of ingredients like palm oil, essential oils, coconut oil, or almond oil. Customize them to your wedding with labels that have a message.

2. Edible Favors

A table at a wedding reception set with tangerines on the plates as favors.

As long as you use reusable or recyclable packaging for favors that are edible, they’ll be considered eco-friendly. Consider packing candy or other treats in a mason jar, which can easily be reused in the homes of your guests or recycled once their jar is empty. Candy, honey, or fair trade coffee make for great fillings that your guests will enjoy. This is also a relatively budget-friendly favor to consider.

3. Reusable Shopping Bags

With so many cities instilling the “bag tax” to discourage the overusage and waste of plastic, reusable shopping bags have never been more in demand. Give guests reusable bags as wedding favors. Besides being incredibly sustainable, these are a favorable idea as they’re available at different price points and can be purchased in different colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can even custom order these to be branded to your wedding if you’re really looking to splurge.

4. Air Plants

An air plant with a pink flower.

The gift of green will be sure to put a smile on the faces of your guests. These small plants are compact enough to give as favors and they’re seriously cute, available in a range of color and styles. And it’s said that houseplants improve air quality, so you can literally allow your friends and family to breathe easier with this wedding favor.

5. Reusable Water Bottles

Along the same line as reusable shopping bags, reusable water bottles are another wedding favor that can help the planet. Again, these can be as inexpensive or luxe and splurge-worthy as you want. These are another item that can be easily customized to match the details of your wedding.

6. Build Your Own Bouquet

A variety of dried flowers in jars.

An out-of-the-box idea that your guests will love is “build your own bouquet” favors. Provide small bags for your guests to fill with flowers from your centerpieces, creating their own “a la carte” bouquet. This way, your centerpieces don’t go to waste, you don’t have to purchase separate favors, and you’re doing something eco-friendly. Finally, your guests will have beautiful, fresh flowers in their home thanks to you!

7. Sachets

Sachets designed to act as air fresheners make for easy sustainable wedding favors. As an added bonus, you can make these on your own for a low cost. Fill small bags yourself with lavender for something natural, eco-friendly, and thoughtful.

8. Honey

Small bottles of honey as sustainable wedding favors.

Small jars of honey or even honey sticks make for a sweet and eco-friendly treat that your guests will love. These go perfectly with a rustic wedding while also having a large focus on nature.

9. Seed Packets

Seed packets or even flower bulbs make for creative wedding favors that are both sustainable as well as easy to transport (for you and guests alike). This is a fun favor as you can tailor the plant or flower to mirror the arrangements that you actually have at your wedding. Every time your guests look at the plants that sprout from these seeds, they’ll be reminded of you and your special day.

There are so many wedding favors out there that are good for the planet, making it easy to choose something sustainable. If none of them strike your fancy, more and more couples are opting to skip offering wedding favors altogether and instead make a donation to a charity, adding a note about it on their programs to alert guests of the good deed in their honor.

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