9 Pink Flowers for Your Wedding

Wedding decor with pink floral arrangements and pink drapery.

Wedding decor with pink floral arrangements and pink drapery.

Pink is an eternally romantic and classic choice for wedding flowers. No matter what season you’re getting married, the sweet and serene shade will never seem out of place. Best of all, with pink being one of the most common colors for florals, you won’t have trouble finding the perfect shade within your style and budget.

When sticking to pink, one of the easiest and most chic things to do is go monochromatic, but to do it right, it’s best to mix and match different types of flowers as well as have some variety in size. Choose at least 3-4 different picks in any bouquet or arrangement. And don’t forget to add greenery to make the color pop! Or, if you want to mix it up a bit, one of the most coveted complements are flowers and foliage in nude shades. It may seem simple at first thought, but the combination is elegant.

Wondering where to start? Here are some stunning ideas for pink wedding flowers based on the latest trends.

1. Sweet Peas

Originally from Sicily, the sweet pea is both retro and contemporary at the same time. It’s ideal for a wedding with an old-fashioned touch, without seeming too out of time. One of the best aspects of sweet peas is that they’re impressively fragrant.

2. Carnations

A table set at a wedding reception with pink napkins and carnations.

It sounds cliché, but carnations are making a comeback. It’s easy to see why; not only are they versatile, but they’re wallet-friendly as well. Plus, they’re easy to find anywhere in the world and can work with any wedding theme.

3. Pink Wild Fern

Ferns are normally associated with wooded forests, but in pink they are a modern choice for a wedding. Since it’s technically foliage, a pink wild fern is also a great way to add more color to a simple bouquet. You can also mix it with greenery and white fillers to create a stunning display by itself.

4. Protea

A bridal bouquet of pink protea flowers.

For something more exotic, consider the protea, sometimes called a sugarbush. Although it originated in South Africa, this beauty has recently made its way all around the globe. It’s currently one of the most desirable flowers for both bridal bouquets and table decor. And pink seems to be a popular pick!

5. Magnolias

Although perfectly in line with a Southern-style wedding, magnolias make for a beautiful addition to any wedding. You’re likely accustomed to seeing them in white, but they also come in a pale-pink ombré variety.

Magnolias in southern style wedding bouquet

6. Pampas Grass

Wedding decorations with pampas grass and flowers.

Another semi-exotic addition to any arrangement is pampas grass. This has already been trending for the last few years, but 2020 is getting an upgrade of a pink variety. That’s right—you can get pink pampas grass if you find the right florist!

7. Sun Palms

With tropical themes trending, especially for summer weddings, sun palms made for a great addition to any flower arrangement or decoration in general. And this may surprise you, but they come in all sorts of colors, pink included! The fan-shaped leaf is a great way to add something unique to your wedding day aesthetic.

8. Peonies

A bridal bouquet of pink peonies resting on a vintage chair.

A classic favorite, pink peonies currently having a moment. Unfortunately, they’re only in season during spring and early summer, so they may be hard to find outside of the warmer months.

9. Peruvian Lily

Also known as alstroemeria, this is a flower characterized by its freckled petals (and coming in many other colors besides pink). What makes this choice a winner is that it’s easy to find and available year-round. Despite being common, however, its appearance is anything but. Oh, and did we mention that it’s one of the more budget-friendly picks?

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