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5 Ways to Get Creative with Flowers at Your Spring Wedding

A wedding reception decorated with a hanging floral installation of pink flowers.

White chairs at a wedding ceremony decorated with flowers.

So, you’re having a spring wedding—your mom’s/grandma’s/Emily Post’s dream! In case you were unaware, spring is often considered the classic wedding season (hint: modern wedding season is every season), which may explain why older family members often have anniversaries from April through June. It’s a highly sought-after span of time for weddings due to the tendency for mild weather and—you guessed it—the presence of fresh, just-woke-up-from-our-winter’s-nap flowers.

Colorful blooms play huge roles in wedding décor, often driving a couple’s chosen wedding colors, as well as adding touches of beauty and sweet smells throughout the space. However, being staples of the wedding industry, it’s easy to see them as old news. Below is a list of ways to put your own spin on floral décor for your wedding.

Feature Flowers in Unexpected Ways

A wedding reception decorated with a hanging floral installation of pink flowers.

This may seem like a vague statement…but that’s intentional! In order to form a unique wedding aesthetic, you don’t need to remove flowers altogether—just find different ways to display them! Instead of your typical bridal bouquet, try fresh floral hair accessories like clips, wreaths, and even braid-ins (think Rapunzel from the movie Tangled). Searching for a gown? Why not select one with 3-D floral appliqués! Tux-hunting? Get creative with a suit jacket featuring a unique floral print! Instead of tall centerpieces, take advantage of your venue’s ceiling, awning, or overhead structures and design hanging arrangements to suspend over tables and the dance floor. Sneak in flowers where they’ll be least expected. (Decorate the bathroom stalls? OK—maybe too much, but you get the picture).

Choose Offbeat Blooms

A bride wearing a lace dress and holding a bouquet of white orchids.

While it’s smart to pick in-season blooms to cut down on overall floral costs, if you’re willing to expand your flower budget you can add in a variety of unique blossoms. Waxflowers, Queen Anne’s lace, hyacinth, tweedia, and even smaller types of orchids don’t fall into the typical “wedding flower” category. Choose a few to highlight in your bouquet, boutonnieres, and ceremony and reception décor to get guests’ attention.

Go Green (And Only Green!)

Greenery and pink cloth and a wedding reception.

If you’re really stuck on what flowers you like and where to put them, you may consider that you don’t need actual blooms, per se. Perhaps you’d like to opt for their monochromatic cousin: foliage! You can still incorporate bunches of branches and leaves into your décor without adding the bud itself. Speak with your florist about doing an all-greenery motif for your big day. Of course, this will likely mean that green will play a heavy role in your wedding’s color scheme, so plan your other colors accordingly.

Intersperse Flowers with Non-Florals


Welcome wooden wedding sign

Depending on the aesthetic of your big day, there are actually many non-flower options to add to your floral displays. These items will highlight a bit of personality, plus they’ll make your arrangements look and feel fuller. Consider pieces of driftwood for beach-y weddings, curly branches for a bohemian theme, and candles for just about any other look (though, perhaps not in the outfit accessories…).

Just…Go for It

A bride looking at her bridesmaids in floral dresses.

In a similar vein to my first point; why not make flowers the star of the show? Many weddings feature blooms as accents, but if you’re really into flowers, make your big day a floral explosion. Wear a floral appliqué dress and veil, choose floral-patterned bridesmaid dresses, bedeck your ceremony arch in cascading arrangements, and line chairs with halos of perennials. If you have the time, budget, and sincere affection for the spring aesthetic, we give you permission to go full tilt in the flower department.