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5 Health and Wellness Items to Add to Your Wedding Registry

A couple working out in their home gym.

A couple working out in their home gym.

If you and your partner live a lifestyle that thrives on fitness, meditation, good food, and overall well-being, then your wedding registry should reflect that. That’s right—you’re under no obligation to add fine china sets or fancy glassware to your registry if your heart is geared more towards a Vitamix or treadmill. Need some help with your scanner? We came up with five health and wellness items to add to your wedding registry right now.

1. Fitness Equipment

Are you and your partners runners who would love to do your favorite hobby within the comfort of your own home? Why not include a treadmill on your registry! Not quite into the intensity of running? How about an elliptical? A Peloton is also a great investment for those diehard cyclists. For something smaller, maybe you’d like a BOSU Ball or a complete set of free weights. If you’re both passionate for fitness, then you should consider adding various fitness items to your registry to help create the home gym of your dreams.

2. Gym Memberships or Passes

Gym memberships aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you’re a couple who has multiple fitness interests. For example, maybe you love hot yoga and SoulCycle, but constantly battle with which membership you should actually keep. Make it easier on yourself by registering for an annual membership to your favorite gym. You could also include passes to various classes that you and your partner have been meaning to try, from rock climbing to hip hop dancing. If it’s a passion of yours, you’ll definitely use them. No wedding registry regret here!

3. Wellness Accessories

An air purifier and/or portable humidifier is a must-have item for those who have allergies or sensitivities to mold and dryness. An aromatherapy kit or diffuser is another idea for those who prefer to relax and rejuvenate to the scent of their favorite essential oils. A water filter is another idea for those who prefer clean, delicious, and filtered water (and who doesn’t?). If you or your partner suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) you might want to ask for a light therapy box, too. Of course, nothing is more practical or more helpful to your overall health than a vacuum. Register for a Roomba so you can reap the clean rewards without the heavy lifting.

4. Healthy Kitchen Small Appliances

An aerial view of a spiralizer making noodles out of vegetables.

If you’re a smoothie addict, you might want to include a Vitamix on your wedding gift registry. (Ditto for smoothie jars or cups that are BPA-free.) Or maybe a vegetable spiralizer or an at-home kombucha brewing kit is more up your alley. Maybe you’ll want to add non-stick, non-toxic frying pans to the list. Think about what you most like to eat and/or drink regularly, and then add to your registry what you’ll need to create that yummy, healthy dish of yours.

5. Rest and Relaxation Tools

Living a healthy lifestyle means knowing when it’s time to rest and recharge, so you might want to request regular couples’ massage sessions. You might even want to request a weekend meditation retreat that you’re both dying to try. Or it could be as simple as asking for a weighted blanket to help with your anxiety and stress levels, a tea set that includes your favorite herbal teas, or matching robes with comfy slippers and a sleep mask—whatever helps you get away from it all!

When creating your wedding registry, it’s essential to build one that’s true to your and your partner’s healthy lifestyle. Curating one that includes health and wellness not only makes sense for you as a couple, but it will ultimately help you continue to create a healthy marriage that’s built on your principles.

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