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5 Fall 2019 Wedding Trends

A bride and groom at their fall wedding with floral and draped decor.

Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes a wedding season that is quickly growing in popularity. While summer used to be the unequivocal “wedding season,” more modern couples are choosing to tie the knot when the leaves start to turn. In fact, 38% of couples got married in the fall last year, and September and October were the two most popular months for a wedding!

A fall wedding is very different than its spring or summer cousins. This seasonal ceremony has its own atmosphere, from the dropping temperatures outside to the classic fall color scheme. Of course, this means that the “traditional” wedding trends don’t always apply. Here are a few wedding trends you can expect to see this fall.

1. Dark Color Palettes

Springtime is for sweet pastels. Summer is all about bold, vibrant colors. And fall? Most fall weddings take their inspiration from the world around them; warm shades of yellow, orange, and red with some brown accents tend to dominate the fall color palette. These colors are exceptionally beautiful (there’s a reason people flock to the east coast to see the fall colors every year), but they’re not the only way to do a fall wedding.

If you want to have a fall wedding with a color scheme that’s outside the box, try out the “jewel tones” trend. Look for dark shades of rich colors like sapphire, ruby, or burgundy. These colors are darker in shade—perfect for a fall wedding—and they’re incredibly elegant.

2. Two-Piece Bridal Looks

A fall bride wearing a two-piece bridal look of a red sweater on top of her dress.

When the temperature starts falling, most of us ladies reach for a fall look with lots of layers. Guess what? You can keep layering all season long—even on your wedding day! Instead of wearing a classic wedding gown, why not pair a white cashmere sweater with a full-length skirt? Two-piece separates are a trendy way to be a stunning (and seasonally appropriate) bride.

Of course, some brides might consider the sweater-and-skirt look a bit too casual for their wedding ceremony. That’s OK! Having two wedding looks is also a popular trend this fall (it’s been around for a while, but it’s only becoming more popular). Wear a traditional gown for your ceremony and switch into something more casual and cozier for the reception.

3. Towering Décor

A wedding reception venue decorated with hanging flowers and tall centerpieces.

This fall, couples are really making the most of their wedding spaces…by decorating from the floor to the ceiling! One of the biggest fall wedding trends in 2019 is tall, towering décor that takes advantage of the open space above your guests’ tables. Tall centerpieces and other decorative items will transform your venue and bring your artistic vision to new heights.

If you want to evoke a romantic, gothic atmosphere (a great choice for a wedding close to Halloween), decorate your reception space with tall candelabras and ultra-long candlesticks. If you have a more natural wedding theme, consider using centerpieces that build upwards, like a trumpet vase filled with seasonal flowers. You can even add some fall touches with cut branches of colorful leaves!

4. Small Cakes (with a Backup Sweet)

A small wedding cake decorated with gold leaf and green leaves.

The days of the massive wedding cake are gone (for now). Recently, couples seem to be more interested in smaller cakes with simpler designs, and that trend is certainly prominent this fall! Whether you want a naked cake topped with fresh flowers, a hand-painted buttercream masterpiece, or a novelty cake with fondant figures of you and your sweetheart, one rule seems to stick: keep it small!

Of course, a small, one-tier cake will hardly feed all your friends and family. So, what should you do for dessert? Many couples are turning to a second dessert: a wall of donuts, some warm hand pies, or even cultural-inspired desserts like churros and hot chocolate! This “backup sweet” gives you and your partner a chance to really get creative with your menu—and your guests might appreciate a warm dessert in the autumn chill.

5. Personal Touches

Weddings have long reflected the personal tastes of the guests of honor. Everything from centerpieces made from family photos to highly specific themed ceremonies was designed to give guests a deeper glimpse into the two people standing at the altar. But these days, couples are extending those personal touches outward, making their big day a special memory for each of their guests.

There are many ways to add individualized, personal details to your wedding. You can set each place with a hand-written note, telling the guest how much it means to you that they’re there. You can ask each guest for a song suggestion and customize your DJ’s playlist so everyone hears their favorite dance jam. These little moments will show your guests that you truly do appreciate their attendance, and it makes the wedding more fun and memorable for everyone.

Incorporating these trends into a fall wedding is a great way to embrace the season and have a sensational wedding!

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