2020 Wedding Trends

A modern bride and groom standing outside.

Now that it’s November, the new year is just beyond the horizon. You know what that means! With a new year comes new trends, and 2020 is expected to bring an interesting mix of modern additions and traditional throwbacks to the wedding industry. With so many twists, some say that 2020 won’t be about trends at all. Instead, hyper-personalization and individuality will lead the way. So if you haven’t yet finalized all the details of your upcoming wedding, perhaps some of these predictions will serve as inspiration.

Embrace Imperfection

Weddings in 2020 will be much more relaxed about breaking the rules. Brides are choosing more casual hair and makeup, with the aim of feeling comfortable in their own skin. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are evolving as well. People are no longer picky about everyone wearing the same outfit and color. In fact, it’s quite trendy to have a bit of a mismatched group. And now, you can expect another twist: mixed-gender wedding parties. If you’re someone with tons of opposite-sex friends, you’ll definitely appreciate this!

Dresses with Drama

A bride with a long veil walking with the groom outside.

Brides in 2020 are stepping away from classic simplicity and turning towards more fantasy-inspired gowns. If you’ve always wanted to look like a princess on your big day, now’s your time to shine. Expect extravagant details such as ruffles, tiers, lots of tulle, puffy sleeves, and full skirts. Old-fashioned, Victorian dresses are back in style as well, adding a regal element. Ethereal, fairytale-like gowns will be popular, too. In addition, more brides are liking the idea of having two gowns—one for the ceremony and one for the reception—so fashion will triumph function for many brides.

Minimal (But Unexpected) Decor

Instead of making everything over the top, couples are choosing to be minimalistic and focus on a few statement pieces of decor instead. Having an unexpected element such as placing indoor furniture outside or a garden swing inside, will be quite popular.

Creating an Ambience

A lounge area at a wedding reception with vintage furniture.

The new approach to wedding decor is more about creating an ambiance instead of a picture-perfect display. Newlyweds now want to create a social, lounge-like atmosphere by having mood lighting and guest entertainment areas. It’s all about making guests feel welcome and making sure they have fun. For example, food, drink, and entertainment bars will be all the rage at weddings in 2020. Mix it up by having something for the guys and the girls. Consider setting up several different areas such as a cigar lounge, cocktail-making masterclass, tarot readings, and other fun activities.

No Photos, Please

Instead of spending hours taking photos on the day-of and missing out on all the fun during the cocktail hour, more couples are choosing to do their official wedding photos after the festivites. Of course, this doesn’t mean forgoing the photographer on your wedding day completely. Make sure to take a few snaps throughout the day, but save all the serious posing for another time. How about your honeymoon? One of the benefits of doing this is you’re not limited to the location of your ceremony or reception, and you can get a little more creative with it.

No Fancy Flowers

A bride holding a bouquet of succulents and greenery.

In lieu of traditional roses and exotic flowers, brides are choosing locally grown or even wild flora. Perhaps it’s all part of the renewed eco-friendly focus. In 2020, you will see more natural-looking bouquets and lots more greenery. For centerpieces, expect to see live potted plants or dried flowers instead of freshly cut arrangements. That way, you can have your guests take them home, or replant them after the wedding. Basically, if your flowers look like they were just picked from a garden, you’re doing it right.

Sustainable Weddings

Speaking of being eco-friendly—you’ll see lots of sustainable weddings this year. (Being sustainable can also help you save money!) More people are going completely plastic-free, serving vegan menus, and making use of upcycled clothing, accessories, and decorations.

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