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2019 Bridal Manicure Trends

For many brides, planning your wedding means thinking through every last detail. That mentality especially pertains to your bridal look. One detail that’s small, yet important to many brides, is what their nails will look like as they exchange vows. This is especially true given all those hand close-ups that your photographer is bound to take to get a good shot of your newly minted wedding band! But deciding what to do with your nails may take some consideration as there are a lot of options out there. To help you make your decision, check out these recent bridal nail trends.

Pearlescent Finish

Nails are made to look only more glamorous when they are topped off with a pearlescent finish. This looks best on a light or neutral tone and it’s certainly a perfect choice for a bride who’s looking to dial up the glam.


Adding some bling to your nails to compliment your new wedding band is a popular trend. Consider adding just a few strategically placed rhinestones in an elegant shape or along the tips of your nails. If you’re going for something more subtle that still has a hint of sparkle, only add rhinestones on a few nails instead of all 10 of them.

Pretty in Pink

Pink nails are probably always going to top this list of bridal nail trends. There’s something so classic and feminine about this hue. If you go with pink, decide whether you want something subtle or a pop of color. A bright fuchsia or hot pink will make a statement.

Nail Art

There are a range of different artful options that you can go with when it comes to “nailing down” this detail of your bridal look. Enlist the help of a talented nail artist to do something truly special on your hands. You can have them create a lace-like design, florals, or really anything else that piques your interest or compliments the rest of your look. An artful manicure will make for gorgeous ring-centric photos, that’s for sure!

French Manicures

Always a classic nail style, french manicures are clean, elegant, and simple, making them ideal for any bride! Modern brides are putting their own spin on this classic look by shaping their nails distinctively or using colors that veer away from the normal nude and white.

Bright White

A bride and groom holding hands on their wedding day.

Somes brides like to keep everything white on their big day, including their nails. Bright white nails are a current trend for that exact reason. They keeps things clean, crisp, and classic.

Pretty Pearls

Try adorning one nail on each hand with pearls for your big day. Nothing says ladylike like those white orbs, so using small faux pearls to add to your perfect bridal look is a natural selection.

Something Blue

A bride wearing a lace dress and a baby blue manicure with her hands on her hips.

Every bride works to incorporate something blue into her look. There’s no reason not to do it with your nails! Many brides are opting to paint their nails a pale hue of blue or add a touch of blue onto their manicures.

Gold Touches

Not all that glitters is gold, but sometimes your nails can be both! Add some fabulous gold touches to keep your bridal nails on-trend. This can come in the form of sparkly nail polish in a gold hue or a gold strip along the top or bottom of each nail.

Pretty Peach

A bride's hands with a peach manicure.

After making an appearance on the bridal runways this season, peach nails are becoming a more and more popular choice for brides. This shade is not quite neutral but also isn’t too bold, making it a pretty, yet elegant, nail color choice.

Marbled Nails

Another big nail trend is marbled nails. That’s right—marble and quartz isn’t only for home interiors, anymore! You can now bring this aesthetic to your bridal look by incorporating it onto your hands.

Gradient Nails

Why go with one color when you can incorporate a range of them into your wedding nails? Having “gradient” nails that have a multi-color look across one hue family is a popular trend right now, especially when it comes to wedding glam. You can choose a color family that compliments your overall look or something that remains pretty neutral, but with a fun twist.

However you decide to adorn your nails on your wedding day, the colors, patterns, and textures you choose will always have a special place in your heart as they were a part of your big day and bridal look.

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