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20 Winter Wedding Favors

A table at a wedding reception set with plates and wine glasses.

Whether your guests traveled five minutes or 500 miles to get to your wedding, it’s tradition to thank them for attending with a small gift. Though you can’t go wrong with the tried and true Jordan almonds or a sachet filled with lavender or dried flowers, you can take your favors up a notch by making them winter weather appropriate to celebrate the season.

Looking for ideas for winter wedding favors? Here are 20 of our favorites.

1. Candles

Candles at a winter wedding.

Is there anything cozier than a burning candle in the winter time? Candles are relatively inexpensive, and will always be a hit with any guest.

2. Blankets

Add to your guests’ throw and blanket collection with a small blanket to curl up with on the couch.

3. Tea

There’s nothing better than a hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s day. Put your favorite varieties in pre-made bags for your guests to enjoy.

4. Fun Shaped Marshmallows

You can’t very well have cocoa without the marshmallows. Order special marshmallows in shapes like snowmen, snowflakes, or even your initials to give it a little something extra.

5. Cookie Mix

A glass jar with the dry ingredients for a cookie recipe.

Provide all the dry ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe for guests to bake when they arrive home. You can buy these pre-made or mix them up yourself and put in decorative bags.

6. Gingerbread Men Cookies

‘Tis the season for all things gingerbread. If your wedding is close to the holiday season, place a couple of gingerbread men in a pack for your guests to eat on the way home.

7. Local Coffee

If you have a local coffee roaster that you love, ask them if they would be willing to sell you samples of one of their varieties to bag up and give to your guests as favors. This is an especially thoughtful gift for out-of-towners who can take a piece of your hometown with them.

8. Jam

Give your guests the gift of an over-the-top breakfast with a delicious variety of jam. They’ll think of you when they pop that last bite of scone or biscuit at home.

9. Maple Syrup

Small jars of maple syrup with blue bows tied around them as wedding favors.

Winter is the ultimate pancake and waffle season. Give your guests a mini bottle of your favorite variety as a parting gift.

10. Recovery Kit

Though a recovery kit isn’t strictly for winter, there’s really nothing worse than having a hangover when it’s cold and miserable outside. Include ibuprofen, a can of lemon-lime soda and a small bottle of alcohol (hair of the dog, anyone?).

11. Mini Flasks

Nothing keeps you warmer in the winter time than a sip of good whisky. Provide your guests with the ability to secretly tote their favorite spirits anywhere by giving out mini flasks. Keep them plain or have them engraved with your wedding date or perhaps even a quote from a ceremony reading.

12. Bottle Opener

There isn’t an occasion when a bottle opener won’t come in handy. Personalize a bottle opener with your wedding date or purchase it in your wedding colors to keep it on theme.

13. Ornaments

Metal heart ornaments hanging from branches at a winter wedding.

Your guests will remember your wedding for years to come every time they take out the ornaments for their Christmas trees. Purchase or DIY ornaments with your wedding date to give out to your guests for some holiday cheer.

14. Gloves

Everyone can use a cozy pair of gloves—including your guests. Package up a pair of gloves for all of your guests to take home to use for the rest of the long winter months.

15. Hats

You’ll never hear someone say they have too many winter hats. Pick a color that’s neutral—like gray or black—and give your guests the gift of winter warmth.

16. Fire Starters

Bonfires in the winter are ultra romantic and a great way to keep toasty throughout the coldest months of the year. Give them an extra hand by providing them with fire starters—like this clever one you can make from a pinecone.

17. Coffee Mugs

A bride and groom at a winter wedding with mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows.

Personalize it with your wedding date or hand mugs out in your wedding colors to remind your guests of your special night when they have their morning cup of joe.

18. Sugar Scrub

In the frigid cold, there’s no better way to warm up than with a hot bath in the evening. Give your guests something sweet to scrub with by purchasing or DIYing a sugar scrub they can take home.

19. Lip Balm

Chapped lips are one of the worst things about winter. Provide your guests with some relief by handing out some heavy-duty lip balm. Personalize the label with your wedding date and initials.

20. Snow Globe

No matter how young or old you are, snow globes are magical little trinkets. Commemorate your winter wedding with a mini snow globe your guests can take home and admire.

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