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11 Refreshing Spring Wedding Menu Ideas

Creating the menu is a big part of planning your wedding reception. One important thing to consider in doing so is the season in which your event is taking place. The spring is a refreshing time viewed as an awakening after a long, cold winter. It’s sunny, cheerful, and completely in bloom and your menu should match that sentiment! Figuring out exactly what fits a spring wedding reception menu may leave you feeling stumped, but there are many items to consider that will leave your guests satisfied and in the spirit.

1. Citrus Flavors

A food adorned with a citrus sauce is a delicious way to capitalize on the tastes of spring. There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a citrus fruit, so why not sneak this onto your menu in a delightful and surprising way? For instance, add a lemon cream sauce to pasta or serve lemon chicken. For something more traditional, have a lemon cake or key lime pie at the dessert table.

2. Spring Salads

Rather than heavy, warm, and comforting foods (which would be a great pick for a winter menu) opt for something lighter—like a salad. Think spring greens with fresh vegetables. Or, you could opt for a salad filled with leafy greens and topped with strawberries and walnuts for something different but still hearty.

3. Risotto

To serve something different as your main course, go for a risotto. This could be a vegetable risotto that highlights the freshest crops of the spring season or a seafood risotto, which is always refreshing.

4. Seafood Appetizers

Another light yet delicious food to serve at spring weddings is seafood appetizers. These can include easy-to-serve items such as shrimp skewers, ceviche shooters, or oysters. These items are refreshing and bound to be a hit with guests!

5. Fruity Dessert

A dessert that features a fruit is a natural fit for a spring menu. Opt for a chocolate lava cake with a raspberry sauce, strawberry shortcake, or banana cream pie. You could also serve cheesecake with berries on top. There are endless options for desserts made with fruit, so get creative or go with your favorites!

6. Veggies and Rice

If you’re looking to serve your vegetarian guests something hearty yet themed for spring, opt for steamed veggies paired with garlic rice. This is a simple meal that’s filling, but not too heavy.

7. Mint Julep

Well known to be the Kentucky Derby drink of choice, a mint julep is a refreshing and universally loved cocktail. Spring is definitely its time to shine.

8. Bourbini

Bourbon lovers can rejoice, but with a refreshing twist on their drink of choice. Combine bourbon with peach liqueur, sparkling wine, and bitters for something light and festive.

9. Vodka Lemonade

We’ve already covered the fact that citrus flavors pair perfectly with spring, and nothing says warm weather like a refreshing cup of lemonade. This is a drink you can serve with or without alcohol so that guests of all ages can enjoy it!

10. Shandy

Since lilacs are one of the first flowers to bloom each spring, it makes sense to have a drink centered around them! Use lilac simple syrup combined with fresh lemonade and a light beer to create this festive elixir.

11. Spring Sangria

A light and fruity spring sangria would be a wonderful signature drink at your spring wedding, as it’s easy to make in a big batch. Allow guests to pick from a fruit bar to add to their drink and make the process more of an experience for them to enjoy.

Designing a menu that reflects your preferences as a couple as well as the theme, venue, and season of your wedding is a tall task—but it’s a fun one at that with so many wonderful options out there, especially for the spring!

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