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11 Fall Wedding Favors

A table set at a fall wedding.

Fall weddings are the perfect way to ‘fall’ in love—and what’s not to love about them? Fall brings forth images of coziness, bright colors, pumpkins, and warm cups of tea and coffee (which may or may not be pumpkin spice-flavored). If you’re throwing a fall wedding, treat your guests to one of these wedding favors that offers a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Fall is the best season for sipping on your favorite warm beverage by a crackling fire with a good book. A personalized coffee or tea mug featuring your wedding date or hashtag along with some fall-inspired images (maybe a pumpkin or some autumn leaves) is the ideal favor that guests will actually enjoy using.

2. School-Themed Favors

Fall means back-to-school, but why should adults miss out on all the fun? Designer colored pencils attached to whimsical notebooks is a fun idea, but so are mini chalkboards with colorful chalk!

3. Mini Bottles of Maple Syrup

Small jars of maple syrup as wedding favors.

Maple syrup is one of the sweetest gifts of the fall. Tap into this delicious trend by gifting your guests with mini bottles of local maple syrup. You might even want to include your favorite recipe for pancakes with it, too!

4. Halloween Candy

Let’s not forget the sweetest autumn holiday: Halloween. Gifting a cute bag of various Halloween candy, including everything from candy corn to chocolate, is a yummy treat that your guests will love. (Don’t be surprised if they dig into them right away.)

5. A Beautiful Knitted Scarf

People sure do love their layers in the fall. As the fall weather hits, the scarves come out. Add to your friends’ collection by gifting them with colorful kitted scarves that they will admire and wear with pride, knowing they’re from your special day. (Bonus points if you or a family member knit them yourselves!)

6. Mini Pumpkins

Small white pumpkins sitting on a wood board as wedding favors.

Chances are you’re already incorporating pumpkins into your decor scheme—maybe even as table assignments. Have guests take the pumpkins home (and it will also be less clean-up after the night is over).

7. Warm Blankets

Fall is a cozy season, which means cuddling up underneath warm blankets. Encourage more cozy cuddling by gifting your guests with warm soft blankets.

8. Caramel Apples

Caramel apples as wedding favors tied with burlap bows.

Fall festivals and caramel apples go hand-in-hand, which makes them the ideal fall wedding favor. These decadent treats come in all sorts of varieties and toppings to suit everyone’s taste. In fact, you might want to consider having a caramel apple station at your wedding where guests can make their own.

9. Personalized Hot Cocoa/Apple Cider Packets

There’s nothing quite like sipping hot cocoa and apple cider in the fall. Help get your friends into the fall spirit by treating them to customized, single-serving packets of these delicious beverages with your names and wedding date. They’ll thank you for warming up a chilly fall night.

10. Preserves

Small jars of preserves as wedding favors tied with blue bows.

Fall is also preserve and canning season. From peppers to pickles to jam, there’s a number of tasty options that you can treat your guests to. Don’t forget to personalize the jars with customized labels featuring your wedding date and your best fall-themed funny (or romantic) quote!

11. Pumpkin-Scented Candles

What would an autumn wedding be without a nod to pumpkin spice? Pumpkin-scented candles (with or without the spice) are a darling gift that guests will love to add to their candle collection.

As you can see from the list above, there are a ton of beautiful and personal choices when it comes to fall wedding favors. Remember, just think warm and cozy (and maybe go a little easy on the pumpkin spice).

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