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10 Weddings with DIY Elements That Add a Personal Touch

There are some misconceptions about do-it-yourself weddings. First, including DIY elements isn’t an all-or-nothing deal, as it’s often made out to be. Many couples may hire vendors to organize most of the ceremony, but leave one or two things to make by hand or thrift. That leads to a second common misconception: DIY wedding aren’t just for those who have tight budgets.

While opting to do some of the planning, decorating, or cooking yourself can definitely save some money, DIY projects are opportunities to bond with family and friends, adding special personal touches to the details, or are a chance to use a hobby that will bring enjoyment to the couple and their guests. Making things for your wedding isn’t just for small, rustic ceremonies. With a long enough timeline and the help of loved ones, even the most lavish weddings can feature some DIY touches that fit with any theme or idea.

Here are ten weddings of all sizes, budgets, timelines, themes, and levels of DIY that will spark inspiration for anyone wanting to add their own personal style to their wedding.

1. Courthouse + Irish Pub + Purdue Wedding: Sarah-Jean + Kent

Sarah-Jean’s DIY paper flower bouquet Brandi Potter Photography

Sarah-Jean and Kent’s vintage DIY courthouse wedding Brandi Potter Photography

DIY cupcakes and vintage glam courthouse wedding Brandi Potter Photography

Sarah-Jean and Kent’s DIY Courthouse wedding with vintage flare Brandi Potter Photography

Photos: Brandi Potter Photography

Sarah-Jean and Kent wanted a small and intimate wedding at the courthouse with their families in attendance. Sarah-Jean wore a dress hand-sewn by her mother and carried a bouquet of beautifully-crafted blue, purple, and white paper flowers. Sarah-Jean’s 20s-style net veil and Kent’s simple white shirt, dress pants, and suspenders gave the ceremony a classic vintage feel. The newlyweds and their closest loved ones celebrated at an Irish pub with cupcakes they made themselves for dessert instead of a traditional cake.

2. Serbian Jazz Wedding: Sofija + Elliot

Sofia getting ready in DIY wedding dress surrounded by parents’ paintings serbia Aleska and Mina Photography

Sofia getting ready in DIY wedding dress serbia Aleska and Mina Photography

bride and groom arrive in vintage car wearing DIY wedding dress serbia Aleska and Mina Photography

bride and groom at serbian jazz wedding with DIY wedding dress Aleksa and Mina Photography

DIY floral centerpieces at serbian jazz wedding Aleksa and Mina photography

Photos: Aleksa and Mina

Sofija and Elliot, both jazz musicians, held their wedding in Sofija’s native Serbia. The couple and their parents planned the ceremony themselves, crafting many of the elements. Sofija and her family helped her with her absolutely gorgeous custom dress, the cake design, and the floral centerpieces for the reception tables. Sofija’s parents are both painters, so they used their talents to paint the invitations, using a different design for each one. Somehow, they pulled everything off for their breathtaking wedding in only four months!

3. A Destination Wedding on Loving Day: Lacey + Tiffany

Brides and guests help assemble bouquets before DIY wedding in Colorado Cassandra Zetta Photography

DIY wedding gowns for two brides at Colorado wedding Cassandra Zetta Photography

bride getting dressed in DIY wedding dress Colorado Cassandra Zetta Photography

brides in DIY wedding dresses and leather jackets while holding DIY bouquets at Colorado wedding Cassandra Zetta Photography

Photos: Cassandra Zetta

Even though their entire wedding was DIY, Lacey and Tiffany enjoyed a relaxing morning and a fun-filled evening with their friends and families’ help with the details. With only 14 guests at their Colorado mountain wedding, everyone helped assemble the bouquets, bake the cake, and cook breakfast, all while enjoying one another’s company (and bottomless mimosas). Lacey had sewn both wedding gowns herself; they paired the dresses with leather jackets to keep away the mountain chill while looking amazing. After the ceremony, everyone convened at a nearly lodge for a fun and intimate reception.

4. The Violinist and the Violin Maker: Monica + Chris

DIY floral boutonnieres for grooms and family at NYC intimate wedding Brian Hatton Photography

bride preparing her DIY bouquet before intimate NYC wedding Brian Hatton Photography

Monica’s DIY wedding bouquet for intimate NYC wedding Brian Hatton photography

Monica holding DIY bouquet for intimate NYC wedding Brian Hatton Photography

newlywed couple crosses street in NYC on way to DIY wedding ceremony Brian Hatton Photography

Chris making a toast at intimate DIY wedding at Edi & the Wolf in NYC Brian Hatton Photography

Photos: Brian Hatton Photography

Monica and Chris had originally planned a large wedding in a New York City loft, but realized that a smaller, simpler wedding was how they wanted to celebrate their marriage with a small gathering of friends and family. The couple happened to find a small botanical garden in the Lower East Side that made an enchanting backdrop to their ceremony. Monica and Chris made all of the decor and arranged the florals themselves, opting for soft pinks, lavender sprigs, and touches of yellow for the bouquets and boutonnieres. The newlyweds and their guests had dinner at Edi & the Wolf, which matched their garden wedding with its sprawling plants and glass roof.

5. Vintage & DIY Wedding: Jackie + Luis

bride and groom stand in front of vintage car at their DIY wedding Photography by Marirosa

bride and groom kiss in vintage car at their DIY wedding in Tyson’s Corner Photography by Marirosa

DIY ceramic bird place settings at vintage wedding in Tysons Corner VA Photography by Marirosa

DIY vintage glam wedding at Tyson’s Corner Photography by Marirosa

bride and groom cutting cake at vintage DIY wedding in Tysons Corner Photography by Marirosa

Photos: Marirosa

For Jackie and Luis’s vintage wedding, Jackie wanted to use her love for crafts to make the centerpieces and paint the charger plates for the reception. The cute bird plant holders with name cards and the blue and peach theme were combined with vintage class in Jackie’s intricately beaded wedding gown, a Great Gatsby-style car, and the lovely reception at Sheraton Tysons Hotel.

6. A Camp Wedding for City Folk : Nicky + Nicole

Nicky and Nicole hug at their DIY wedding in the woods Emily Dykema

DIY hair, programs, and floral crown for this wedding in the woods Emily Dykema

bride and groom hug by lake at diy wedding in the woods Emily Dykema

Photos: Emily Dykema

Nicky and Nicole moved to New York City two years after meeting each other in Ann Arbor, Michigan; they knew right away that they wanted their wedding to be in the beautiful woods of their home state. Their nuptial celebrations were three days at a YMCA summer campground they rented and included a potluck feast featuring freshly-hunted meat and fish courtesy of Nicole’s father and his friends. Nicky’s mom also made the cookies for the wedding day, and Nicky’s family organized the cocktail hour. The decorations and the bar were handmade as well, adding to the weekend full of not only the wedding ceremony itself, but both families bonding and having a great time.

7. Rainy Catskills Wedding: Aubrey + Jake

Aubrey’s handmade wedding dress skirt at DIY catskills wedding Ella Sophie Photo

bride and groom sand unity ceremony with vintage sewing machine stand at DIY catskills wedding Ella Sophie Photo

bride and groom kiss by firepit during their DIY catskills wedding Ella Sophia Photo

DIY table numbers at decor at this catskills wedding ella sophia photo

guests toast at reception at DIY catskills wedding Ella Sophia Photo

Photos: Ella Sophie

A bit of rain didn’t stop Aubrey and Jake from having a beautiful outdoor wedding huddled in coats against the chill. Aubrey’s wedding look consisted of a dress with the skirt handmade by her mom and a ring that had belonged to her grandmother. Their autumnal decor was also either vintage or DIY, tastefully mismatched, for a cozy barn reception. The rain let up later that night to allow for a bonfire and releasing paper lanterns and lighting sparklers.

8. Joyful Mexican Destination Wedding: Joann + Dawn

brides exit ceremony holding DIY bouquets Mexico LGBTQ wedding Leah Moyers Photography

bridesmaids DIY bouquets with seashells at Mexican destination wedding Leah Moyers Photography

brides kiss outside venue at DIY Mexican destination wedding Leah Moyers Photography

brides on the dance floor after jumping in pool at DIY Mexican destination wedding Leah Moyers Photography

Photos: Leah Moyers Photography

Joann and Dawn brought their family and friends together from all over the world to their Mexico destination wedding, using the long weekend to get to know each other. Dawn arranged all of the bouquets, using white and blue flowers for the bridesmaids and pink for both brides. They had a beautiful cascading effect and incorporated shells and starfish — they were the perfect touch for the couple’s photos by the ocean and around the hotel. Their reception was on the hotel’s outdoor pavilion overlooking the beach so they could enjoy the view while they danced and swam in the pool (the brides jumped in while still wearing their dresses!).

9. A Queer Surprise Home Wedding in Milwaukie, Oregon: Andi + Jess

DIY vintage photos of LGBTQ couples and centerpieces at Oregon surprise wedding Jamie Carle

Couple embrace outside home overlooking river before their DIY surprise wedding Jamie Carle

guests cry while reading vows at jess and andi’s DIY surprise wedding Jamie Carle

Jess and andi exchange vows at their DIY surprise wedding Oregon Jamie Carle

Jess and Andi kiss after their DIY surprise wedding at their home in Oregon Jamie Carle

Photos: Jamie Carle

After spending a long time planning a wedding, Andi and Jess realized that a large, expensive wedding wasn’t going to work out or make them happy. The couple eventually decided to turn their already-planned engagement party into a surprise wedding ceremony. All of the decorations were done by Andi and Jess with some help from two friends who were also the officiant and makeup artist. The couple wanted to recognize the queer women who fought for LGBTQ+ rights, so Andi and Jess included vintage pictures of women who lived during a time where their relationships were seen as criminal to honor their journey which allowed Andi and Jess to be able to get married. They also printed copies of their vows for the guests to keep. While they were worried that the surprise would mean some people might miss the ceremony, more than fifty people were able to come. Since Andi and Jess lived in an apartment that wouldn’t be able to comfortably accommodate everyone for post-ceremony celebrations, they moved the afterparty to a bowling alley.

10. Best Day Ever at a Brewery in Washington D.C.: Maggie + Whitney

Maggie and Whitney hold hands before their DIY brewery wedding in DC Love Life Images

brides exchange rings in front of altar with DIY hops wreaths Love Life Images

DIY beer mixing unity ceremony at DC brewery wedding Love Life Images

brides kiss at ceremony in front of altar with DIY hops wreaths at this DC brewery wedding Love Life Images

reception guest tables showing DIY growler centerpieces at this DC brewery wedding Love Life Images

Photos: Matthew D’Agostino of Love Life Images

Maggie and Whitney incorporated their love for craft beers into their wedding by holding their ceremony and reception at Right Proper Brewing Co. Their hand-made decor was inspired by their venue. Whitney’s dad grows his own hops, so they included some hops wreaths in their centerpieces and on the altar that was built and stained by Maggie, who loves to build things. Instead of vases for the flowers, they used growlers, and had some of the larger arrangements on top of wooden crates by the altar for the ceremony. The couple included a unity ceremony that consisted of the two choosing their favorite beer from Right Proper, blending them, and offering the blend to their immediate families. Maggie and Whitney made sure that the bar was open before the ceremony so their guests could join in the toast to the beginning of Maggie and Whitney’s lives together as a married couple.

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